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Mastering Lease Extension Valuations

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Course Details

The Mastering Lease Extension Valuations course is a comprehensive online training programme designed to provide valuers with the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out lease extension valuations for standard lease extensions of leases above and below 80 years. The course covers all aspects of lease extension valuations and is led by Alison Stone, an experienced surveyor.

Exclusive early bird booking is open until Friday 26th January at £300+vat (£360) per person. This special rate will be available until 9th February, after which it will revert to the standard cost of £350+vat (£420).


This course is designed for new and experienced valuers looking to improve their understanding of lease extension valuations. To get the most out of the course, attendees should have a basic knowledge of property valuation and be comfortable working with spreadsheets and basic maths.

Target Audience

The course is ideal for residential surveyors, valuers, and other professionals who need to understand lease extension valuations. It is particularly useful for those who are involved in the negotiation and settlement of lease extensions, as well as those who need to provide advice to clients on lease extensions.

Course Curriculum

Scheduled: Tuesday 19 Mar 2024 11:00 to 12:30

This session covers the lease extension process, providing insights into leases, ground rents, capitalisation rates, and deferment rates. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of crucial concepts such as Marriage Value and Relativity, along with practical example calculations. Additionally, we will explore the legal process, including S42, S48, S60 costs, rights, and obligations. Stay informed about current legislation and potential future developments in this comprehensive introduction.

Scheduled: Wednesday 20 Mar 2024 11:00 to 12:30

Participants will delve into advanced aspects crucial for proficiency in lease extension valuations. The class kicks off with a comprehensive exploration of "Advanced Calculation Techniques for Lease Extension Valuations," providing participants with advanced tools and methods. Following this, we'll conduct a detailed overview of the legal processes involved, including S42, S48, S60 Costs, Rights, and Obligations. The session then progresses to "Advanced Calculations and Case Studies," where participants will apply the legal framework to real-life scenarios. A dedicated segment involves a "Real-Life Case Study," allowing participants to directly apply the concepts covered in the course. Finally, the class concludes with a "Comprehensive Review and Q&A Session on the Entire Course," ensuring a thorough understanding of the material covered.


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Alison Stone

Chartered Surveyor, specialised in valuations, lease extensions, freehold enfranchisement, negotiations & tribunals.

Alison is a highly experienced surveyor with over 17 years of experience in residential valuations and lease extensions. She has a deep understanding of the legal, financial and practical aspects of the industry and is passionate about sharing her expertise with others. Alison is dedicated to helping her students achieve their goals through personalised instruction and ongoing support.

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  • Level Beginner - Experienced
  • Duration 3 Hour
  • Sessions 2 Classes
  • Places 20 Students
  • Location Online
  • Language English
  • Start Date Tuesday 19 Mar 2024
  • End Date Wednesday 20 Mar 2024
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