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Alison Stone Featured in "Starting Out in Real Estate" August 2023 Edition

A Alison Stone, a distinguished RICS-registered valuer and the driving force behind Alison Stone Surveyors, takes a well-deserved place in the spotlight as she graces the pages of the August 2023 edition of "Starting Out in Real Estate". This publication, highly regarded within the real estate industry, showcases Alison's journey and accomplishments, shedding light on her path to success.

The publication, esteemed for its insightful coverage of the real estate industry, presents an enlightening article titled "Taking the Right Route," penned by the accomplished writer Jen Lemen. In this article, Jen delves into the varied paths leading to the esteemed title of Chartered Surveyor, spotlighting the personal journeys of three individuals, including the remarkable Alison Stone.

Alison Stone's narrative is a testament to determination, growth, and the pursuit of excellence. Her addition offers readers an intimate glimpse into her transformative journey. With candour and reflection, Alison recounts her initial steps into the world of surveying and the challenges that eventually paved the way for her to become a Chartered Surveyor of distinction.

If anyone is considering this option, I would happily have a chat with them and share my experiences - Alison Stone
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Jen Lemen, the accomplished author of the article, expertly weaves the narratives of Alison and two other chartered surveyors, creating a tapestry of diverse experiences and routes that aspiring professionals can embrace. The article aptly captures the essence of the surveying profession – a blend of specialised knowledge, dedication, and an unquenchable thirst for growth.

Alison Stone Surveyors proudly applauds Alison's feature in "Starting Out in Real Estate." Her story not only mirrors the company's ethos of excellence but also resonates with professionals charting their course in the competitive world of real estate and surveying. Alison Stone's journey stands as an inspiration, reflecting the company's commitment to providing unparalleled surveying services backed by a profound understanding of the field.

For those seeking insight into the journey of becoming a Chartered Surveyor, "Starting Out in Real Estate" August 2023 edition is a must-read. Alison Stone's article, enriched by Jen Lemen's expert narrative, is a beacon of guidance and inspiration for all who aspire to excel in the dynamic realm of surveying.

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Alison Stone

Director of Alison Stone Surveyors and a chartered surveyor specialising in leasehold reform valuations and negotiations for tenants and landlords.

Valuer of the Year winner Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Awards 2023
Alison Stone Awarded Valuer of the Year at Enfranchisement & Right to Manage Awards 2023
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